Our Story

How it all began

CyberWare was a vision of a very young Entrepreneur, Jené DeSanté, a place that a company, individual or corportate could go to for everything they needed. An All-In-One place for all ones needs.

Who we are

CyberWare is a multifaceted IT company that is situated in the lower parts of Kwa-Zulu Natal. Planting our roots in rich African soil, we plan on providing the South African markets with IT related services offering all-in-one customizable packages to all our clients. We aim to grow our online presence further in the global market offering an all-in-one online service for new and existing SMMEs internationally, and large body corporates.

We care

We have a strong flexible team with many years of collective experience in a variety of industries which helps us understand and connect better with all our clients. Our Business and brand name, CyberWare, is self-explanatory. We are connected and have a bond with our team and clients, the need to have an unmatched online presence and ensuring that business continues to grow from strength to strength while staying flexible enough to evolve with the trends.

CyberWare is also passionate and committed to helping NGOs and NPOs establish a presence on the net which assists in bringing awareness and much-needed funding for their ongoing campaigns to support those in need.

Fast delivery

We are not just a Website Development Company, we have skills that range from Android Development and PC/Mobile Device repairs, which means that delivery whether it be a product or development project it must be excellent!

Your security and privacy matters

CyberCrime is a very real aspect in every day life. We aim to provide secure services to all our clietns. Privacy is ensured as we do not share your information with any individual, company or media platform.

Our team

Our Amazing Team, is derived from individuals with amazing backgrounds and experiences that boost their skills and roles in this company.

Jené DeSanté

the nerd

CEO & Founder, Lead Developer, Projects Manager, & Designer

Dorothy Holtzhauzen

the treasurer

Financial Manager, Accountant & Marketer

Ina Hattingh

the godmother


Tanya Bannink

the viking


Erna Matthee

the assassin

Director, HR, Manager & Admin